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Hot spot of SANKYU

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Qingdao JSD Logistics Co.,Ltd.(China) Recommend

Qingdao JSD is a joint venture campany by Sankyu Inc. and Qingdao Jifa Group Co. Ltd. which has the fused functions of a 3rd party clothes inspection center and Sankyu’s global international logistics.

Qingdao JSD has the high-quality clothes inspection and meter reading work, and also has distribution work processes(assortment by final delivery destination, SCM label attachment and individually wrapping etc.) by state-of-the-art facilities and logistics system. So they can provide the business service to customers that is able to achieve a direct trade and the reduction of lead time and total cost.

■Specification of QINGDAO JSD LOGISTICS CO. LTD (June 2016)

qingdao jsd sankyu

■Network in Qingdao

 qingdao jsd sankyu map

■QINGDAO JSD headquarters
distribution center 

Qindao sankyu

◆Inspection, meter reading work
High-quality inspecting and metering work can be possible.

qindao sankyu

◆Distributive processing; Automatic sorter equipment
We can accept what pattern assortment, by direction, storeby assortment sorting, etc., to meet every need.

qingdao sankyu

◆Distributive processing; Individually packaging

qingdao sankyu

QINGDAO JSD ’s logistics scheme

Logistics model that corresponds to the major customers of the Jifa Group(Deliver to the center)

qingdao sankyu

Joint distribution model with other manufacturers almost in Shandong (aggregate other manufacturers)

Qingdao sankyu

Cross-dock logistics model that corresponding to the Japanese customer’s needs

Qingdao sankyu

in Japanese

Sankyu-Jvan An International Logistics Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan)

Sankyu-Jvan An International Logistics Co.,Ltd. began operations in May 2015 as a Sankyu Group in Taiwan.

As a hub of Chinese businesses among Japan ,China and Southeast Asia that these trade volume is expanding, it aims to enhancing Sankyu group’s superiority of the Asian logistics.

In addition, due to holding the ILC license; international logistics center license, they can manage  bonded and non-bonded goods by themselves.
In terms of facilities, by owning automatic shelves and air-conditioning equipments, they can  handle the consumer logistics such as labeling distribution processing of wine or liquor and store delivery.

taiwan sankyu

■Specification of Sankyu-Jvan An International Logistics Co., Ltd.

sankyu taiwan


taiwan sankyu

■Sankyu signed on LOI with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan government

Taiwan government has usually signed a LOI(Letter of Intent; as investment agreement).
Sankyu has also signed on LOI on September 2, 2015 at the annual event;Taiwan Business Alliance Conference by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Therefore, they can get a direct support by Ministry of Economic affair of Taiwan government, such as easing of tariff barriers and various licensing etc.. And they can indirectly approach and ask the other departments of Taiwan government too.

sankyu taiwansankyu taiwan
(Left: President Ma Ying-jeou and Sankyu’s Director and Senior Executive Officer Yonago
Right: at the conclusion of LOI)

Sankyu Taiwan
(International Logistics Center Licence)

Click here for details of Taipei Taoyuan Logistics Center (Taiwan)

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Sankyu Tokyo Branch’s Heiwajima Logistics Center Recommend

Sankyu Heiwajima Logistics Center opened in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan on June 12, 2015.
Against the background of the aging of former Heiwajima Logistics center which had been operating since 1972, we added adjacent land and now the land area becomes twice. So it also becomes seismic isolation structure of seven-story.

As facilities, there is equipped the electronic security and trunk rooms for art works. 
In addition, it operates pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, valuables, art works etc..
And we also correspond to cargo handling, shipping business and the import and export business.

About the location, it has excellent accessibility as 1-minute drive from "Heiwajima IC"of the metropolitan expressway, 15-minute drive from Haneda Airport and 2-minute walk from "Distribution Center Station" of Tokyo Monorail.
Moreover, "the Metropolitan Logistics Center" (in Kawasaki) is 30-minute drive from there, so we have strengthened the logistics network in the metropolitan area.

sankyu logistics center tokyo


Name: Sankyu Heiwajima Logistics Center
Address: No.3-3-8, Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established Date: June 12, 2015
Site Area: 12,748m2 (Total floor area is 47,770m2, 7-story, Seismically isolated structure)
Facility: Trunk room for art works, electronic seculity, self-propelled ramp way
            Cargo handling, delively, import and export business are possible.
Access: 2-minute walk from  "Distribution Center Station" of Tokyo Monorail
            1 minute from "Heiwajima IC" of the metropolitan expressway
           15-minute drive from Haneda Airport 

sankyu tokyo warehouse

◆ Safe and secure seismic isolation structure

Designed as there is no damage till magnitude 7.0 to 7.5.

◆ Convenient location

The location is suitable for delivery around Tokyo and for Haneda.
Within 24H delivery is possible in metropolitan area.
Convenient for commuting.
2-minute walk from the station.

◆ Extensive operation

We handle not only loading and unloading operation of import and export customs clearance and delivery, but also handle before and after works of in-warehouse works.

◆ Air conditioning in store room can be added

Also ensure the electrical capacity for freezing and refrigerating.
Standard specification is dry warehouse. (Temperature 41 to 87.8 degrees (fahrenheit), humidity 18 to 92%: assumed from our other warehouse)

◆ Warehouse equipment and facilities

Self-propelled ramp way, cargo elevator, plumbing installation, convenience store, meeting room, shower room, security systems, etc.

◆ Customization is possible. Equipment can be installed.

100m2 of the waiting room and of the loading and unloading load master can be installed.
Also Negotiable If you need wider.
Fixed anchor as a medium amount of shelf can be installed up to 40mm.

Sankyu Tokyo warehouse

 in Japanese

Changchun distribution center of Dalian Sankyu (CHINA)

DALIAN SANKYU INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.(Sankyu Group) has a warehouse called "Changchun distribution center”.
This warehouse opened in April 15, 2016 at Changchun, Jilin City in northern China.
It aims to more support strengthening and efficiency of business operations.  
And it aggregates two old warehouses in this new warehouse, because the 1st old one of 5,100m2 & the 2nd old one of 3,200m2 became too small by increasing of handling cargoes.

Total floor area is 18,000m2. It is mainly dealing with auto parts, chemical products and lubricating oil.
In addition, Changchun branch office also moved in this warehouse so it holds the function of the warehouse management and more the sales base.

Moreover, by this opening, it will also aim the expansion of international logistics with a focus on Dalian Port, due to the network expansion of inland logistics, the logistics information gathering in Northeast China, and the advantage of "Northeast customs unification (*)".

*Northeast customs unification
The system of being able to customs clearance of international logistics cargo, at any city in Northeast China (Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia) .

Dalian sankyu warehouse
(Changchun distribution center)


Name: Changchun distribution center
Address:  Changchun, Jilin city, Changchun Automotive Industrial Technology Development Zone
Specification:   18,000m2, by steel frame, 24 hour support
Handling cargoes:   auto parts, chemical products, lubricating oil, etc.


It was established in April 1993. And there are 100 employees (3 Japanese) (these are in April 2016).
Around Dalian Port, as a international logistics hub of Northeast China, they support the cargo delivery to the surrounding automobile manufacturers and do the milk run correspondence of 24 hours.

in Japanese

Sankyu Cikarang distribution center (Indonesia)

Sankyu Indonesia International Co., Ltd.  (Sankyu Group) has a warehouse called "Sankyu Cikarang distribution center".
It is the first distribution center in Indonesia for Sankyu Group.

It locates in West Java Bekasi.

The total storage area is 63,751m2.
In this site, the 1st warehouse has the general storage area of 9,322m2 and the storage area for dangerous goods of 1,985m2.
And the 2nd warehouse of 28,629m2 opened in the same site in January 4, 2016.
These two warehouses are about 40,000m2, therefore it boasts of the largest logistics center in this eastern Industrial Park.

The 2nd warehouse established ahead of the original plan.
Since 1st warehouse became full in a few months after its opening, and there were a high needs for large-scale logistics center.
After this operation start, we continue to handle the electronic component, chemicals, consumer goods and so on.

This logistics center has fully air-conditioned distribution processing work area, thus it is acceptable for constant temperature cargo and Halal corresponding cargo.
Then the high-quality Japanese style service is available to serve customer’s various logistics needs.
The warehouse has the wireless handy system as standard equipment.
The warehouse workers will use the tablet terminal and manage the highly accurate inventory and the work progress status.

It is in Greenland International Industrial Center where is 37km east from central Jakarta.
Recently many Japan companies have been making their plants in the park.
In addition, the park also has the best location access, since it is close to the Tanjung Priok Port which is the main port of Indonesia.

 Indonesia Cikarang distribution center
jakarta indonesia sankyu warehouse
(left: 2nd warehouse  right: 1st warehouse)


P.T. SANKYU INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL is established in 1974. It has mainly expanded the plant engineering business such as energy-related business and plant construction.
It has been moving into the field of the 3PL business, since the logistics needs (mainly in the field of automobile parts) are increasing in Indonesia recently.


indonesia jakarta sankyu warehouse

Name:  Sankyu Cikarang distribution center
Address:  Greenland International Industrial Center Delatamas,
               Jl.toll  Jakarta Cikampek Km. 37, Bekasi 17530
Established Date:  February 10, 2014
●Site area 63,751m2
●Total warehouse area 39,936m2
     (1st warehouse) for general: 9,322m2   for dangerouse goods: 1,985m2
     (2nd warehouse) for general of two-story: 28,629m2   distribution processing work area: 1,985m2

in Japanese

Sankyu Amata City Freight Center of SANKYU LAEM CHABANG (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

Amata City Freight Center of SANKYU LAEM CHABANG (THAILAND) CO., LTD.(Sankyu Group) is in Amata City Industrial Estate where is southeast Thailand and many Japan companies have been making their plants.
This Freight Center’s site area is 44,800m2, the warehouse area is 19,920m2 and the office building is 360m2.

It was built by taking advantage of sloping terrain.
So the height of inside floor is same, but it is able to loading and unloading to truck in the back area, and also able to loading and unloading to marine container in front of the area.
Main handling cargoes are general cargoes of automotive parts, OA equipment parts and also daily necessities.

After the flood disaster in 2011 in Thailand, the production bases by many companies had been tended to locate in eastern Thailand. 
So nearby companies are asking many requests about logistics center service and the requests will increase in the future.

Under such background, this warehouse adjacent to the large industrial park in the inland was established to be a key warehouse in the customer’s procurement logistics.

 Sankyu Amata City Freight Center in Laem Chabang Thailand

◆Name and address

Name: Sankyu Amata City Freight Center (SACFC) of SANKYU LAEM CHABANG (THAILAND) CO., LTD 
Address: 289 Moo4 , Mapyangporn, Pluakdaeng , Rayong, 21140 Thailand
Established Date: January 1, 2015 (warehouse by rent)


Site area: 44,800 m2
Warehouse area: 19,920 m2, one-story, by steel frame
Office building area: 360 m2
Handling items: mainly automotive parts, OA equipment parts, daily necessities

in Japanese 

Taipei Taoyuan Logistics Center (Taiwan)

Sankyu-Jvan International Logistics Co., Ltd.(Sankyu Group) has a distribution center called "Taipei Taoyuan Logistics Center".
It is the largest scale of warehouse in Taiwan which has 6 stories and the area of about 80,000 m2.
The warehouse can manage both bonded and non-bonded cargoes by itself, since it has ILC license (ILC : International Logistics Center).
It is ideal location for international 3PL; 16 km from Taoyuan Airport,  30 km from Taipei city and harbor.

Taipei Taoyuan Logistics Center Taiwan  

◆Sankyu-Jvan International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sankyu-Jvan International Logistics Co., Ltd.(headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan) has begun operations in April 2015.
It has a role of a hub of China zone business that has expanded the trade volume with Japan, China, and even Southeast Asia. And it operates for the purpose of more enhancing the superiority of the asian logistics by Sankyu group. 
It will expand the logistics service not only for the international logistics business, but also for the premises logistics business, the plant engineering business.


Name: Taipei Taoyuan Logistics Center
Address: No. 2, Lane.43, Shing Bang Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan 330, TAIWAN
Site area: 34,000 m2 (warehouse area: about 80,000 m2)
Primary equipment: automatic rack, warehouse management system, warehouse for dangerous goods, warehouse with temperature management

Click here for details of Sankyu-Jvan An International Logistics Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan)

in Japanese

Chongqing distribution center of Sankyu Guangzhou Logistics Co.,Ltd (China)

SANKYU GUANGZHOU LOGISTICS CO., LTD (Sankyu Group) has a warehouse called "Chongqing distribution center". It is the first distribution center in Chongqing China for Sankyu Group.

The warehouse area is 13,194m2.
While it operates as a distribution center for Japanese chemical manufacturer, is also enhancing the network of domestic logistics in China by developing new market and performing cargo picking service.  (As in 2015)

Chongqing  (the major consumption area) has become more and more important logistics area in the inland cities.
Chongqing distribution center is working with Chengdu branch in the same province and enhancing logistics service for customer in western China.

 Chongqing distribution center in Guangzhou


Name: Chongqing distribution center
Address:  South Pengzhen Gong Road Logistics Base, Banan District of Chongqing City
Established Date: January 15, 2015
Specification: 13,194m2, one-story, by steel frame


Sankyu Guangzhou Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in November 1996.
It is the general logistics company that operates such as import and export forwarding, domestic transportation and warehouse operations, mainly in Guangzhou.
It is the largest scale of Sankyu Group company in China. It has more than 100 trucks and also has the largest warehouse of Sankyu Group in China. (“South China Logistics Center”)

in Japanese

Hefei Logistics Center of Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd.(China)

SANKYU JIANGSU LOGISTICS CO., LTD. (Sankyu Group) has a warehouse called "Hefei Logistics Center".
The warehouse is a part of other logistics company, and the storage area is 6,500m2.

The warehouse operation started in 2015 for ensuring expansion of warehouse space, since the cargoes of the existing customers are increasing.

It is located in an excellent location; about 3 km to a customer plant. 
The warehouse mainly handles the general consumer goods.
The operating safety and quality are ensured because Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd. is carrying out all warehousing works. (As in 2015)
Hefei branch office of Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd. is in this warehouse.

Hefei Logistics Center Jiangsu
(Office building)

Hefei Logistics Center Jiangsu
(Warehouse building)


Name: Hefei Logistics Center of Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd.
Address:  Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone
Warehouse area: 6,500m2 ,a part of other logistics company’s warehouse
Established Date: January 4, 2015

◆Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sankyu Jiangsu Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in July 1997 in Nanjing City.
It is the general logistics company that operates such as domestic transportation in China, warehousing, international transportation and also cargo sorting and packing.

in Japanese

Saigon Logistics Center - largest Japanese logistics center in Southern Vietnam-

◆Saigon Logistics Center

SANKYU LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD (; is in Sankyu Group and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City) has a distribution center called "Saigon Logistics center" located in Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam.
The site area is 30,510m2 and the warehouse area of 2-story is 20,800ms.
It is the largest distribution center in southern Vietnam by Japan company.

It has a bonded warehouse and the distribution process (such as inspection and sorting) as facility.
It also has a good accessibility to east-west highway, CAI MEP-THI VAI International Port (will become a future major port), and Long Thanh International Airport (will open in 2020).

Further due to the completion of the warehouse, we will arrange the logistics service system in southern corridor that connects Vietnam and Thailand / Cambodia.

In addition, this will be 2nd warehouse in Vietnam for Sankyu Group, after Hai Duong warehouse of 10,000m2 in the northern Vietnam.

Vietnam Saigon Logisitics Center


Name: Sankyu Logistics(Vietnam)Co,Ltd.  Saigon Logistics Center
Address: in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial park, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai, Vietnam
Established Date: May 26, 2015
  ●Site area 30,510m2
  ●Total warehouse area of 2-story 20,800m2

◆Sankyu Group in Vietnam

In 2004, Sankyu Vietnam limited company is founded that main business is the plant engineering such as the plant construction and heavy transport.
And in 2006, Sankyu logistics Vietnam Co,Ltd. is established to perform the logistics business and support customer’s work in the plant.
Currently, Sankyu Group in Vietnam has the total system that can support the plant engineering, operational support and even logistics.

in Japanese

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