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Privacy Policy

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Sankyu (and our affiliates) shall comply with all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and shall appropriately handle and manage all personal information pertaining to customers, vendors and employees.

Any leakage, alteration, loss, disclosure from illegal use without permission or other act involving personal information will result in a loss of trust in Sankyu by our customers and vendors and can consequently lead to enormous damages. Therefore, Sankyu asks that all of its employees be clearly aware of the importance and responsibilities of managing personal information, that they comply with this policy and that they conduct themselves with integrity in accordance with good faith.


  1. Sankyu shall clearly designate the responsibilities and authority of employees concerning the management of security regarding personal information protection, prepare and use rules and manuals, and confirm the use status of such.
  2. Sankyu shall conclude non-disclosure agreements with regards to personal data designated as confidential and educate employees concerning such.
  3. Sankyu shall implement measures for managing entry and exit to buildings, prevention of theft of personal data, etc.
  4. Sankyu has taken technical safety management measures with regards to personal data including restricting access to information systems for personal data and the handling of personal data, measures against illegal software and the monitoring of information systems.
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