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Introduction of CISS

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CISS(Customer Information Service System) operated by Sankyu Inc. enables you to confirm a living Logistics Information on the internet.
Logistics information is offered in the below functions.

  • Inventory
    You can enter Shipping Order about your stock cargo that we treat on web-site.

  • Shipping Order
    You can enter Shipping Order about your stock cargo that we treat on web-site.

  • Shipping Request
    You can enter Shipping Request on this web-site.
    You can confirm the data. (the status of Request to Delivery).

  • Cargo Tracking
    We provide Cargo Tracking Service for your freight.

  • Ocean Service
    Sailing Schdule, B/L Issue, D/O Exchange, Bonded Cargo Receiving Schedule.

    You can save mass data here and easily share the data through the internet. When new data is updated, notice will be sent to the all e-mail address registered.

  • Delivery Note
    When arrange domestic delivery, you can output shipping ticket to attach cargoes.
  • ■Characteristics

    • Easy-to-view screen
      Screen design is renewd to be more easy-to-view.

    • Original screen customized for the User
      Search items/Display items can be customized for better usability for the user.
      Also, Display width/Display order of data item is easily to be changed with user’s Drag &Drop operation.

    ■System Requirements


      • Required OS(Operating System):
        Windows 10
      • Required Browser:
        China: 360SE / Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
        Other: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge

    ◆Smart Device

      • iPad: iOS 7.0 and later versions only except iOS 11.0.
      • Android tablet : Android 3.0 and later versions only except Android 8.0.

    ■Required Software


    「Adobe Reader」is required.
    When the software is not installed in user’s PC, install the software from Adobe’s website (Free software)

    ◆Smart Device


    Please contact us for the further information about renewd CISS.

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