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Japan Advance Filing Rules Seminar in Dalian, China (16th Jan. 2014)

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Sankyu Inc. held the information seminar regarding Japan Advance Filing Rules (JP24-AFR) in Dalian, China on 16th January, 2014, with co-operation by Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Inc. (NACCS Center).
Many Carrier or NVOCC participated in the seminar and it shows that concern in AFR has increased in Dalian, China.
Sankyu Japan (HQ) and Sankyu Group are providing adequate support for the Filers (Carrier and NVOCC) to perform Japan Advance Filing Rules.

  About Advance Filing Rules(AFR)

We will hold the same seminar in other countries or other cities and  inform you when the seminar schedule has decided.

■Summary of Seminar in Dalian

1.Date and Time : 16th January, 2014 (Thu) 13:50-16:30 (Local Time)
2.Place           : Furama Hotel (60 Renmin Rd, Zhongshan, Dalian)             
3.Participants    : 80 person ・・・ Carrier、NVOCC , etc.  
 ・NACCS          : Presentation of Advance Filling Rules
 ・Sankyu Japan   : Presentation of Service Provider for AFR 
                          Introduction of AFR Pricing & Other Service 

                                  (Participants of the seminar)

  Board of Advance Filing Rules (NACCS Center HP)

  About introducing of Advance Filing Rules (Customs HP)

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