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About Advance Filing Rules(AFR) and Service Provider Agreement

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Sankyu inc. and Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Inc. (NACCS Center) concluded service provider (SP) agreement on 2nd April 2013.
  Logistics news; Service Provider Agreement regarding Advance Filing Rules of Japan (JP24)

Sankyu starts AFR system service as new business by this agreement.
Please contact from the following E-mail address about use of our services.
  Contact E-mail:

  JP24SP - Pamphlet

■ About Service Provider (Sankyu)
As a system supplier, they have the service that makes and sends an advance filing data to Japan customs via NACCS.
NACCS has an input system called net-NACCS but it is prohibited to use in overseas, so data imput from overseas has to be done through SP system mainly.

■Advance Filling Rules
Realizing the need to have more stringent border security measures in place, Japan will introduce the rules to enhance our security level of international logistic up to the international standard and to prevent terrorism and transnational organized crimes by screening detailed maritime container cargo information received at an early stage.
   ⇒ The rules will be implemented in March 2014.

■ Overview of the Advance Filing Rules on Maritime Container Cargo Information

■ Who obliged to file and how to file
  ◆Reporters obliged to file
    ・Shipping Company and NVOCC
           (In case of Shipping Agents, they have be in Japan and the consignor-consignee relationship at the port of discharge between
            Shipping Company and Shipping Agent has to be registered in the NACCS system.)
        ・Cargoes obliged to be filed
            Regardless of the type of vessel, Sea-Container Cargoes that are intended to be imported to Japan or be transshipped at Japan port
            excluding empty containers, and platform containers
        ・Reporters must participate in NACCS and they have to get NACCS Reporter ID.
        ・Both Shipping Company and NVOCC must get NACCS Carrier code.(If they have SCAC code of U.S.A., they use it as NACCS
           Carrier code, but have to notice it to NACCS and Japan Customs.)
        ・NVOCC has to file the cargoes regardless of FCL/LCL that directly connect to Shipping Company’s Ocean B/L of cargoes to be filed.
           When Master B/L is other NVOCC’s B/L, they don’t need to file.

  ◆How to file in case of using our Service Provider(SP) system
    1. Please get NACCS Reporter ID and NACCS Carrier code. (About Reporter ID, you can get it at NACCS AFR HP.)
      2. By the following ways, you can register the data and transfer it to Japan Customs via NACCS
         1) You input the data directly on our system.
         2) You request us to input the data on your behalf.
            *We can provide Upload and EDI as the way of inputting the data for easy working.

  Board of Advance Filing Rules (NACCS Center HP)
  About introducing of Advance Filing Rules (Customs HP)
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