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Characteristics of ”SBY”

1 “SBY” is an international product in collaboration between Sankyu Inc. and Japan Post.
This product is called “ International Forwarding Parcel Service” in other words.
Nowadays Singapore Post, Pos Malaysia, and Geopost (La Poste) have joined this service and contributed to expand its network to the Worldwide-Scale.
2 “SBY” connects Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, using Sankyu’s Overseas network and Japan Post’s domestic network, with competitive price.
3 “SBY” has 2 kinds of transportation methods, "Air" and "Sea" services.
“SBY Callcenter” can accept orders of both "Air & Sea" shipments at one place.
4 "SBY" is limited to be used by Business users for “B to B” parcel delivery, providing commercial customs clearance at sea / airport, in accordance with the compliance of the tax law.

"SBY" is highly recommended to Business Users for "B to B" delivery

"SBY" can provide you all necessary formalities of international transportation, such as customs clearance and documentations.


Regarding "SBY"

What is the Merit of using "SBY"?

  1. "SBY" support international trades by the arrangement of international door to door transportation with all necessary formalities for "Business customs clearance".
    "SBY"can provide you an official approval of customs report, which might be necessary for remitting money overseas.
  2. "SBY" provide simple package fee including "inland truckage fee","freight", "customs clearance fee", and "fuel surcharge".
  3. "SBY" provide "One Stop" service center for booking Air and Sea service.

Points to Notice

  1. "SBY" is an international door to door delivery service limited to "Business Users" only.
  2. "SBY" coverage is limited to specific area in China, and Southeastern countries, shown in SBY fee chart.
  3. "SBY"’s package fee does not include duty & tax, inspection fee, packing fee, and other happening cost.
  4. "SBY" can not guarantee the date and time of delivery for using "Business Customs Clearance".
  5. Customs documents, such as Invoice and Packing list should be prepared by shippers and submitted to "SBY Callcenter" properly.
  6. When duty and tax occurs, all users are requested to pay the declared amount of money to "SBY nominated bank account" before delivery.

Regarding SBY Registration

To use "SBY", all users are requested to fill in necessary information into SBY registration page through SBY-Web because of following reasons.

  1. Confirmation of final delivery place and contact person is necessary for secure and acurate transportation.
  2. Exporters’ and Importers’ information is necessary for doing "Business customs clearance".
  3. Confirmation of Importer’s Licence is necessary for specific area, such as China, before shipment.
  4. Confirmation of Importer’s cooperation is necessary before shipment especially at the time of import customs clearance.
  5. Payment condition should be confirmed before shipment. Who should bear "SBY"freight ? Who should bear duty & tax, etc.?

Please be noticed that it takes a couple of days to complete registration procedure before start booking.

Unacceptable Cargo

A aerosol spray, alcohol (liquor), ammunition and fire arms, animal (stuffed animal included), antique, art object
B battery(*),book
C cash card, check, cigarettes, cold storaged goods, compressed gas, cosmetics, currency (forge paper money included)
D dairy products (ex. milk, cheese, butter), dangerous goods (radioactive substance, explosive substance, inflammable substance, toxic substance, corrosive substance, etc.), dead body, drugs / narcotic and related instruments, document
E earth and sand / mud
F fruits, food(all kind), fertilizer
I invasive commodity against patent or license, ivory
J jewelry and precious goods (gold and silver, platinum, etc.)
L letter,lithium ion batteries, lithium batteries
M magnetic substance, medical appliances, medicines
O oxide
p perishable/uncooked foods (ex. meat), personal effects, photoflash lamp, plant and botanical material (ex. Rush mat, straw, seeds, etc.), pornography (magazine, video, dvd)
R rice (grain), restricted goods against the Washington treaty
S silky materials, stock, bonds, valuable papers (ex. stamp, etc.), swords and nives
T toys
V vaporaized substance, vessel related goods

(*)Some kinds of battery can be handled by SBY. Please inquire us with MSDS for further information.

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