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Sankyu Tokyo Branch’s Heiwajima Logistics Center

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Sankyu Heiwajima Logistics Center opened in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan on June 12, 2015.
Against the background of the aging of former Heiwajima Logistics center which had been operating since 1972, we added adjacent land and now the land area becomes twice. So it also becomes seismic isolation structure of seven-story.

As facilities, there is equipped the electronic security and trunk rooms for art works. 
In addition, it operates pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, valuables, art works etc..
And we also correspond to cargo handling, shipping business and the import and export business.

About the location, it has excellent accessibility as 1-minute drive from "Heiwajima IC"of the metropolitan expressway, 15-minute drive from Haneda Airport and 2-minute walk from "Distribution Center Station" of Tokyo Monorail.
Moreover, "the Metropolitan Logistics Center" (in Kawasaki) is 30-minute drive from there, so we have strengthened the logistics network in the metropolitan area.

sankyu logistics center tokyo


Name: Sankyu Heiwajima Logistics Center
Address: No.3-3-8, Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established Date: June 12, 2015
Site Area: 12,748m2 (Total floor area is 47,770m2, 7-story, Seismically isolated structure)
Facility: Trunk room for art works, electronic seculity, self-propelled ramp way
            Cargo handling, delively, import and export business are possible.
Access: 2-minute walk from  "Distribution Center Station" of Tokyo Monorail
            1 minute from "Heiwajima IC" of the metropolitan expressway
           15-minute drive from Haneda Airport 

sankyu tokyo warehouse

◆ Safe and secure seismic isolation structure

Designed as there is no damage till magnitude 7.0 to 7.5.

◆ Convenient location

The location is suitable for delivery around Tokyo and for Haneda.
Within 24H delivery is possible in metropolitan area.
Convenient for commuting.
2-minute walk from the station.

◆ Extensive operation

We handle not only loading and unloading operation of import and export customs clearance and delivery, but also handle before and after works of in-warehouse works.

◆ Air conditioning in store room can be added

Also ensure the electrical capacity for freezing and refrigerating.
Standard specification is dry warehouse. (Temperature 41 to 87.8 degrees (fahrenheit), humidity 18 to 92%: assumed from our other warehouse)

◆ Warehouse equipment and facilities

Self-propelled ramp way, cargo elevator, plumbing installation, convenience store, meeting room, shower room, security systems, etc.

◆ Customization is possible. Equipment can be installed.

100m2 of the waiting room and of the loading and unloading load master can be installed.
Also Negotiable If you need wider.
Fixed anchor as a medium amount of shelf can be installed up to 40mm.

Sankyu Tokyo warehouse

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