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Qingdao JSD Logistics Co.,Ltd.(China)

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Qingdao JSD is a joint venture campany by Sankyu Inc. and Qingdao Jifa Group Co. Ltd. which has the fused functions of a 3rd party clothes inspection center and Sankyu’s global international logistics.

Qingdao JSD has the high-quality clothes inspection and meter reading work, and also has distribution work processes(assortment by final delivery destination, SCM label attachment and individually wrapping etc.) by state-of-the-art facilities and logistics system. So they can provide the business service to customers that is able to achieve a direct trade and the reduction of lead time and total cost.

■Specification of QINGDAO JSD LOGISTICS CO. LTD (June 2016)

qingdao jsd sankyu

■Network in Qingdao

 qingdao jsd sankyu map

■QINGDAO JSD headquarters
distribution center 

Qindao sankyu

◆Inspection, meter reading work
High-quality inspecting and metering work can be possible.

qindao sankyu

◆Distributive processing; Automatic sorter equipment
We can accept what pattern assortment, by direction, storeby assortment sorting, etc., to meet every need.

qingdao sankyu

◆Distributive processing; Individually packaging

qingdao sankyu

QINGDAO JSD ’s logistics scheme

Logistics model that corresponds to the major customers of the Jifa Group(Deliver to the center)

qingdao sankyu

Joint distribution model with other manufacturers almost in Shandong (aggregate other manufacturers)

Qingdao sankyu

Cross-dock logistics model that corresponding to the Japanese customer’s needs

Qingdao sankyu

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