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Pudong 1st Logistics Center - Flagship Warehouse in East China -

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■Situated in an excellent location, comprehensive logistics center of the property company

Our distribution centers, began operating in October 2004, located in a very convenient location as a distribution warehouse. (Adjacent to Wai Gao Qiao Port・Free Trade Zone・Bonded Logistics Zone)

In addition to warehousing and logistics processing services on the floor vast storage area (30,000M2), it also has the department of domestic transportation (possess About 70 own trucks).
And it is the arrival and departure track base of the long-distance, the regular and the consolidated transportation.
We are providing a wide range of logistics services to our customers as a "comprehensive logistics center" in East China

■Name of the warehouse

  • Name : SHANGHAI E&T SANKYU LOGISTICS CO.,LTD   Pudong 1st Logistics Center
  • Address : No.539 Gao Xiang Huan Road Gaodong Town Pudong Xin District Shanghai, CHINA
  • TEL : 86-(0)21-5848-6339 FAX :86-(0)21-5848-6090 


  • Land area : 40,000M2
  • Warehouse area : 30,000M2 Two-story warehous×2
             (with a floor which is raised above the ground)、One-story warehouse×2
  • Receiving yard : Built-in type platform×16,Truck unloading area 4,000M2
        (With arcade, available all-weather handling)
  • Floor strength : 2.5T/M2 (1st floor)、1.5T/M2(2nd floor)、
              dust-proof floor paint in the warehouse
  • Warehouse system : equipped with inventory management system
  • Security : 64 units surveillance cameras on-site (Staffing monitoring 24 hours a day)
               and installation of security systems
  • Commendation : awarded the No.4 of the 100 best logistics company 
               in 5China from the Association China Cargo agency
            (Ranked 1st in foreign companies)

(Storage conditions in the warehouse) 

(Monitoring Room)

(Testimonial from the Association China Cargo agency)

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